Board of Directors:

Ms. Andrea St Bernard - Chairman

Mr. Earl Brathwaite - Deputy Chairman

Mr. Val Antoine - Director

Ms. Ramona Otway - Director

Mr. Patrick Simmons - Director

Ms. Danika Cherman - Director

Mr. Trevor St Bernard - Director

Ms. Rolanda McQueen - Director

Mr. Royston Cumberbatch - Director

Management Team:

Mr. Royston Cumberbatch - General Manager

Mr. Donald Williams - Credit Manager

Ms. Johanne Francis - Finance Manager

Ms. Inette Munro - Accountant

Mrs. Genevieve Gibbs-John - Systems Administrator

Mrs. Patricia M. Simon - Bank Secretary

Ms. Hazel-Ann Drakes - Administration/Human Resource Manager


Renwick & Payne

Ciboney Chambers

Danny Williams & Co

Law Office of Alban M. John

Bank Secretary:

Ms. Patricia M. Simon

External Auditors:

Pannel Kerr Foster


RBTT Bank Grenada Ltd

Republic Bank (Grenada) Ltd

Eastern Caribbean Central Bank

Grenada Co-operative Bank

Registered Office:

Grenada Development Bank

P.O Box 2300

Melville Street

St. George




Phone: +1 (473) 440 2382

Fax: +1 (473) 440 6610