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Project Components

The EcoMicro Program (EcoMicro)

Component 1: Design & Implementation of Green Finance Products

This component focuses on the design and piloting of Green Finance product(s) for MSMEs and Low-Income Households. It includes the following:

• Employee training

• Market study and analysis

• Design and implementation of new processes and credit technologies

• Awareness raising and communication strategies.

Component 2: Analysing the Vulnerability of the Bank’s Loan Portfolio to Climate Change

This component will entail an analysis of the vulnerability of the Bank’s loan to climate change and the development of appropriate risk management tool(s). These tools will help the Bank to better understand our existing portfolio and also to incorporate analysis of climate risks into future credit decisions.

Component 3: Reducing the Environmental Impact of the Bank

In this component EcoMicro will support the development and implementation of institutional greening policies within the Bank itself. This could include energy and environmental audits of our facilities and carbon footprint analysis. 

These policies and associated recommendations will enable the Bank to generate further energy savings, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce waste and promote environmental sustainability. The rationale for this component is to create new “green” habits among the institution’s employees and management team that can strengthen our long-term commitment to green finance.

Component 4: Knowledge Management and Communications

As part of this component the Bank would produce knowledge products and conduct knowledge sharing events with other EcoMicro Executing Agencies. These products would be further disseminated on the program’s platforms for future learning activities.