Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RE/EE) For Commercial and Residential Buildings Loan Product

The Grenada Development Bank is now offering RE/EE loan financing to BOTH residential and commercial applicants.

Terms and conditions apply.

Use of Funds:
• Lighting: Replacement of obsolete lighting such as incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lighting with efficient lighting including LEDs;

• Cooling Equipment: replacement of window units and split air conditioning with inverter-based units and/or efficient central air conditioning central systems and commercial refrigeration;

• Building Envelope: measures such as roof cooling, window seals and door sealants that reduce the heat gain of the buildings window and roof insulation and/or measures that reduce energy losses such as automatic door closers, occupancy sensors and programmable thermostats; 

• Renewable Energy: Technologies such as photovoltaic pumps, solar water heaters, solar dryers and low flow plumbing technology.

Financial Terms:

These are the financial terms governing this loan facility:

• Maximum loan amount of XCD $405,000

• Repayment period maximum of eight (8) years

• Up to 100% project financing.