Expression of Interest for the Provision of Irrigation Equipment

Climate-Resilient Water Sector in Grenada (G-CREWS) Challenge Fund for Agriculture

The Government of Grenada, in partnership with the German Development Corporation (GIZ), is implementing the Climate-Resilient Water Sector in Grenada (G-CREWS) Project. This project is jointly financed by the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection (BMUV) under its International Climate Initiative (IKI) and the Government of Grenada. Over 6-years the Government of Grenada, the Grenada Development Bank (GDB) and the National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) in partnership with the German Development Corporation (GIZ) will implement the project’s five components.

The GDB as part of G-CREWS is currently implementing the Challenge Fund for water users in the Tourism and Agricultural sectors. The purpose of the Challenge Fund is to increase the resilience of these two commercial sectors which are both highly vulnerable to projected climate change impacts such as reduced precipitation and droughts.

The Fund promotes the adoption of water-efficient solutions in the agriculture and tourism sectors by using grants from the GCF to facilitate water auditing and solution design at no cost to the beneficiary and to incentivise significant private co-finance for the purchase of water-efficient equipment.

The GDB hereby invites suppliers to submit an Expression of Interest for the provision of Drip and Micro Sprinkler Irrigation Equipment to farmers (approx. 60 farmers in the first phase) who meet the Challenge Fund for Agriculture’s eligibility criteria, have had their farms audited by the Irrigation Expert and qualify for the 100% Equipment Grant that is available under the Project.

Scope of Work
The equipment comprises the following key elements:
a) HDPE OD 50mm, PN 6
b) LDPE PIPES OD 16mm and 20 mm, PN 6
c) DRIP LINES OD 16mm, PN 4,
d) Fittings like Valves, Connectors and Adaptors, Couplings, Plugs, Disk Filters, etc.
e) Microtube LDPE OD 7mm, PN 6
f) Microjet Sprinklers

General Requirements
Interested suppliers shall provide their company profile detailing the following:
a) Name of Company
b) Registered Business Address
c) Copy of Business Registration Certificate
d) Experience with the procurement and supply of irrigation equipment
e) Core Business of the Company
f) Name of Principal Contact with appropriate authorisation
g) Contact Email Address & Telephone Number

Specific Requirements:
a) The inventory system in use should be able to provide information on available material in stock when requested by the GDB
b) Technical personnel should be available to provide advice on equipment to farmers
c) At least one member of staff and an alternate should be available for training on the planned administrative procedure
d) Spare parts of the same quality should be available for purchase by farmers in the future
e) Familiarity with the administrative management of projects would be an asset

The equipment will be tendered in several Lots based on the number of farmers in each phase and qualifying suppliers will be invited to submit an offer for each Lot.

All submissions shall conform to the general and specified requirements above. Failure to do so would result in your submission being disqualified. The requested information and any supporting documentation in respect of this pre-qualification process should be submitted in one (1) original plus one (1) copy no later than Friday January 26th, 2023.

The submission should be sealed and clearly marked “EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FOR THE PROVISION OF IRRIGATION EQUIPMENT”.

The submission address is as indicated below:

The General Manager,

Grenada Development Bank,

Melville Street,


Or electronically at

The GDB will inform all suppliers that submitted the EOI at the conclusion of the evaluation process whether they qualify for the tendering process.